Inspired Warrior Revolutionary Leader Sabine Wren Textile Suit



  • Inspired By: Revolutionary Leader Sabine Wren
  • Material: Stretchable cotton twill
  • Knitted cuff
  • Pants
  • Shirt
  • Flak Vest
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  • Made to measure


Warrior Revolutionary Leader Sabine Wren

The fictional character Sabine Wren appears in the Star Wars world, especially in the animated tv series “Star Wars Rebels.” She is a powerful member of the crew of the spaceship Ghost, which serves as the show’s main focus, and a Mandalorian fighter. Here are some significant facts regarding Sabine Wren.

What is Sabine Wren?

Sabine Wren, a new Mandalorian fighter, has arrived in town. The recovery of the Darksaber, a formidable and antiquated Mandalorian weapon, is vital, and Sabine Wren is an essential actor. Her ownership of the Darksaber comes along with her position of leadership within Mandalorian society.

Voice Actress: Sabine Wren is voiced by actress Tiya Sircar in “Star Wars Rebels.”

Sabine Wren’s character is beloved by fans for her strong personality, artistic flair, and her journey of self-discovery.
She is essential for both the plot of the Star Wars world as a whole and the war against the Empire.

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As per Image, Black, Blue, Brown, Camel, Distressed, Full grain, Full Grain Plain, Grey, Olive Green, Red, Teal, Burgundy, Yellow




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